A Bookish Tribute to Paul Walker

After losing two well-known public faces in a week, I feel the need to dedicate a little something to both of them. Paul – for being the hottie in the first action movie I have ever taken interest to. The second will be dedicated to Mandela, for obvious peacemaking, inspirational reasons, after a little more research.

So yes, I will admit, Paul Walker opened my eyes to action movies and fast cars. He died too young, and hearing of his death was almost as surreal as hearing about Michael Jackson’s or Steve Irwin’s sudden passing.

So, in memory of Paul Walker, I’d like to present “Crash Into You”, written by Katie McGarry- A book of fast cars and first love. I do this because his passing made me want to read something about fast cars and adrenalin. He died from one of his passions, and it feels only right to try and understand it. Also, because this book brings forth a number of social issues, some coinciding with issues that I can now see demonstrated in Fast and Furious.

I can honestly say that Crash Into You has been one of the best reads this year for me. I picked it up after one of my favorite authors, Jennifer Armentrout, recommended it. Now I can not thank Jen enough. Not only was it a great read, but it brings up issues such as street and gang crime, the poverty cycle, homelessness, stereotype discrimination and foster kids ageing out of the system. Along with the effects of cancer, gambling and common teen medical and mental issues such as anxiety, it is a very diverse though relevant insight to modern day issues. I can say that I was honestly shocked at the subtle brutality of these issues.

It opened my eyes to issues I was not fully aware of. For example – I have always been aware of street crime, though I never realized how deep it ran and how it traps people. I was one of those people who used to think, “Well gee, you chose your own life. You can get out of it just as easily as you got into it”. But now I see that’s not the case. It’s a trap; a cycle, a way of life, made with its own set of rules and inbuilt social behaviors. Such as Isiah’s (MC of Crash Into You) “I’m not a snitch” comment when asked about the police. McGarry has done a good job of demonstrating the hopelessness of the situation.

How does this connect to Paul Walker? Well, now every time I watch a Fast and Furious film, I won’t be thinking how hot he is, or how great the stunts look, or what an amazing movie it is. I’ll be thinking of the situation – of the type of life style that is (though slightly glorified). Of what it represents in real society. I like to think that Walker might appreciate that, considering he died after trying to make the world a better place.

I was also blind to how cancer can affect the lives of families, or how dangerous anxiety really is. I guess I can say I have lived a very sheltered life. So now I make a personal promise to myself to be more socially aware, to be a little more understanding and far more empathetic. So thank you, Katie McGarry and Rest In Peace, Paul Walker.


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