Review: Crash Into You by Katie McGarry

Title: Crash Into You

Author: Katie McGarry

Published Date: 1st December, 2013

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary

My Rating: 5 Thumbs UP!


See Goodreads Summary.

I can honestly say that Crash Into You has been one of the best reads this year for me. I picked it up after one of my favorite authors, Jennifer Armentrout, recommended it. Now I cannot thank Jen enough, especially since Crash Into You has out-rated the Lux Series! (I still love aliens though)!

Crash Into You is sort of like J Lynn meets Jennifer Echols (Hee hee, two Jennifers). It mixes their writing styles (though with a more serious undertone) with a romance plot that’s in line with J.E’s style. A very, very good mix. Plus, it brings up issues such as street and gang crime, the poverty cycle, homelessness, stereotype discrimination and foster kids ageing out of the system. Along with the effects of cancer, gambling and common teen medical and mental issues such as anxiety, it is a very diverse though relevant insight to modern day issues.

Maybe the biggest reason I loved this book is because it was mostly realistic. The romance, the relationships, the characters (with a few exceptions). A big aid to this was the writing style. The serious and realistic way this is written has changed a seemingly stereotypic plot into something new and original. It left me wondering if it would have a happy ending or if it would be sad (I was not disappointed). I also loved how this was both plot and character driven. Stories generally seem to sway to one side, but McGarry has found a balance that is hard to come by.

The characters were very well rounded and realistic (besides a few). They all had clear motivations and personalities. Even the multiple perspectives were easy to tell apart. In fact, Isiah and Rachel are up there with the best in developed characters. Every move they made fit their personality, I didn’t find a single “off” moment. Rachel is motivated by her family’s crazy expectations of her whist dealing with anxiety and bullying. Isiah is motivated by his need to stay strong to protect the ones he loves, because he never felt that love and protection in his fostered life.

Then there’s Rachel and Isiah’s relationship. Though it only took about three hours for a bond to form, the relationship feels real and not instantaneous. They represent what is good in relationships – understanding each other, trust, dedication and fitting each other’s needs. It wasn’t love at first sight, but definitely “like”. What was best is that they surprised each other by not living up to the others negative opinion of their stereotype. Rich girl Rachel is surprisingly modest; Bad street boy Isiah is kind and loyal. Both have car obsession. Both are crazy about each other. Perfect.

Let me just add – Isiah makes me swoooonnn!

“Isiah Shares the same rugged, strong build, dark hair buzzed close to his scalp and a 5 o’clock shadow lining his jaw. He’s muscular thick. Like a jaguar”. – Rachel’s first impression.

Yum yum. Not to mention tats, pierced ears and “liquid silver eyes”. I might faint.

Plus, he has a bit of a poetic heart. His first impression of Rachel is something along the lines of “Angel”. Awh Man!

Any who, here’s the important bit that made me really fall in love with Crash Into You – It opened my eyes to issues I was not fully aware of. Katie has done a good job of demonstrating the hopelessness of the situations the teens are in and what they have to deal with – though still makes sure there is a light out of the tunnel. To understand, see my Bookish Tribute to Paul Walker.

After a quick Goodreads search, I found out that Crash into You is actually the third book in a series called Pushing The Limits. I had no idea. Haha, well then. Looks like I may have another favourite series, which I will be reading backwards. 😀

Overall, Crash Into You was a very good read and I do not regret the money I paid for it ($12..). It’s suitable for any and all YA readers – you don’t have to like fast cars to get into this book. Hell, I can’t even drive and I like this book. I even gave it a 5 thumbs up rating!



10 thoughts on “Review: Crash Into You by Katie McGarry

    • I don’t think I’ve included too many spoilers (I hope XD). But just know that Crash Into You is great. Was not disappointed at all!

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  2. Ooh, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this one so much! I’ve read Pushing the Limits, Katie McGarry’s debut, and I definitely loved it (and it made me so excited to hear Isaiah was getting his own story) so I can’t wait to read this one! So happy to see it going over so well! 🙂

    • I actually haven’t read the other companions to this, but I’m certainly going to be purchasing them soon!
      I hope all the hype doesn’t set your expectations to high. I know that can always ruin a look for me.

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