Review: Turned by Morgan Rice

Title: Turned (Vampire Journals #1)
Author: Morgan Rice
Genre: Paranormal, YA
Pages: 150
My rating: 1 thumb up

I received this book free on Play Books as a promo to encourage readers to buy the rest in the series. I, however, will not be purchasing any more books from this series.

I hate writing bad reviews. I feel awful. I wish every book could be a good book, but sadly, Turned just didn’t do it for me.

It takes a special something to make a hundred page book good. It needs to tell a quick, sharp story while still including the necessary character building and dynamics. Turned lacked in all fields. It tells the story of Caitlin, starting her first day at school in one of the many towns her mother decides to move to. It is here a turn of events leads to her find out she’s a type a vampire. So many things were off about this.

One of the many problems I had with Turned were the characters. There was little development. Almost nothing except the basics – likes, dislikes, family situation; you know, that stuff. One might argue that this is because the book is only short, but I disagree. Character development IS possible in short novels – the problem with turned was that there was too many characters to allow for development. Caitlyn was flat and naïve, her mother was psychotic from the second she entered, there were not one, but TWO love interests, there was a short appearance of baby brother which did nothing to build the story, then there were a couple of detectives and several vamps (including love interest number 2’s wife). Seriously, some large novels don’t even take on that many characters.

And the love? It was insta. Knight in shining armor saves her and it’s instant romance. Ugh. And of course, the guy has to risk everything for her. *Rolls eyes dramatically*.

To be honest, the plot wasn’t half bad. It just wasn’t effective when including other components of the novel. Notch down the character count and simplify the plot a little and it would have been very effective; or up the word count.

To sum it up, Rice has attempted to put at least 300 pages into 150. That combo just doesn’t work for me. I sadly can’t even recommend this book to children, because it was a little too graphic with death and the vampires were scarily stereotypic.
Ahh, did I say I hate writing bad reviews?



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