Simply Sunday #3

Simply SundaySimple Sunday is a meme hosted at Books for A Delicate Eternity – here we can share our favourite quotes from books, songs, poems, anything!

This week, my simple thing comes from one of my favourite authors – Lauren Oliver.

“Hate isn’t the most dangerous thing, he’d said. Indifference is.”

– Alex, from Delirium

I chose this quote because it’s been something I’ve been thinking about lately. I’m one of those people that can get really passionate about something. I have an opinion on nearly everything; any topic you can think about. So when I got into a heated discussion about an issue with a relative, they asked “Why do you care so much? It will never affect you!” and that’s when I thought, why do I care?

I believe this is the reason why. I would rather care about something than be indifferent to it. Indifference can cause negligence and a lack of knowledge. I would rather care, have an opinion, and grow with it than be insolent and indifferent.

For example – Politics. Many people are indifferent to it, cast “donkey” votes at election and have a general disregard for the people in control of our country. But what can the indifference lead to? It can possibly lead to disaster. If you don’t care, don’t make you vote count and abuse our freedom, then we can loose it. I believe there’s a great quote somewhere in “Searching for Alibrandi” about politics, indifference and using our rights. I might look for it next week to continue on this rant.

What do you think of this quote and what does it make you ponder about? Feel free to comment and share your opinions!


3 thoughts on “Simply Sunday #3

  1. Ah, this is pretty much the perfect quote. Like you, I get passionate about a lot of things. Mainly the environment and the treatment of animals. And the indifference to these topics from the people around me is more than a little terrifying. The fact that people just don’t care is scary. People should care about what is going on around them; how their actions don’t just affect themselves.
    When people abuse their votes at elections; it’s just further proof of their lack of care and their indifference to issues that really matter to this world.
    When people ask why you care, or say that you aren’t making a difference by choosing a certain way of life (like vegetarianism or something like that) … it just proves how much they DON’T care – when they really should.
    I know I am ranting, but I absolutely love this quote, and the way you interpreted it! I look forward to your quote next week, Brea 🙂

    • You’re right, how some people see the situations and problems is terrifying. Especially environmental and animal issues! In the end, we all have control over what happens.
      It is scary when some people just don’t care, don’t think that their own individual actions could affect anything outside from themselves.
      I’m trying hard not to single people out here – everyone cares about something. But in all honesty, indifference can be dangerous.

      • We do have control, and we have such an affect on the world around us. I think people just need to realise that a little bit more. And also that each little things does make a difference.
        Indifference certainly can be dangerous, I agree. Because if something terrible is happening and people don’t care, then who is going to be there to stop it, you know? It’s scary to think about.

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