How do fictional characters influence you?


I thought of this today as I was trekking through the forest, in really uncomfortable shoes. I was getting huge blisters and they hurt like hell. But, the whole way I was thinking – don’t complain. Just don’t complain. If Lilac LaRoux can do it, I can do it, too.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever done something just because a fictional character you like has done it?

It’s weird. It was like, in that moment, Lilac was a real person and I wanted to be as strong and as cool as her.

It got me thinking if this has ever happened before. Have I ever been influenced to do something by a fictional character? And it has!

In fact, a fictional character got me into book blogging. Anyone know Katy from the Lux series? Yup. Her. I didn’t even know this world existed until I read about her book obsession and how she writes reviews and vlogs and how there’s a whole community of book lovers like her. I just thought, is this real life? Did a bit a gloogling, and ta da! The rest is history.

So, has anyone else had this happen to them? Just think about it. Have you ever eaten something, just because a fictional character eats it? Because I certainly remember a few people eating only red apples, just cause Bella Swan eats red apples.

And on that lovely note – comment! Share your weird experiences! Let me know I’m not the only one who can become so involved in the lives of the make believe!


11 thoughts on “How do fictional characters influence you?

  1. Oh, yes! I totally do this! (Which is a huge relief now, to know I’m not the only one, er…super obsessed.) When I go running I think of training for The Hunger Games. And gosh, anytime someone says Turkish Delight, I think of Edmund from Narnia.

    • That is awesome! I’m definitely going to remember this when I go for my next run. 😛
      And yup. That’s another one I do, too. Except I hate it, but I always try to like it for Edmund!

  2. Absolutely! All the time! Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood are two that really stick with me, because I think they represent the two sides of my personality very well, and I wish I had their confidence.

    • Smart and sophisticated slash a little loopy and with the fairies? Haha!
      Luna Lovegood is probably one of my all time favourite characters, and you’re right, both of them are comfortable in their own skin. (:

  3. “If Lilac LaRoux can do it, I can do it, too.” Wow, that’s great! I think my similar experience regarding something like this happened when I had to choose which college major I’m going to take. I was judging two choices (between what my parents & teachers & friends told me to choose and what I wanted to choose) when Parker from Jessi Kirby’s Golden came up into my mind. At the end of the book, she took over her life and chose what SHE wanted to do, and so I did the same. It helped me through the whole process! And I never regret it at all 🙂

    • That’s an awesome experience, Tirta!
      I’m glad that something so positive to your life was influenced by a fictional character.

  4. I think I take a little piece of something from all the books I read.
    I made myself run a couple of times because book characters say it makes you feel better. And I’m not an athletic person at all, but pushed hard. 😛
    A couple of books also influenced me to become a stronger independent person.

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