Connecting Senses with Books


This is something that I really find interesting – when sights, sounds, smells and feelings connect and remind you about something.

I know that once I sprayed on this really yummy perfume, and about half and hour later I found out I had a stomach bug. Now I can’t even spray that delicious scent without wanting to hurl.

But anyways – today is about books. What senses have I connected to with certain books?

A major one I’ve realized recently is that whenever I hear “All Of Me” by John Legend, I think of Crash into you and These Broken Stars. This is because I was absolutely obsessed with the song while reading these books, and I think they are both oddly fitting to the theme of the song.

Now whenever I hear the Legend burst out in All of Me, I think of those characters and relive some of those initial feels. It’s the best. Especially since I also loved those stories. :3

Another, slightly weird one is Yoplait French cheesecake yoghurt and the Inkheart series. I was eating this yoghurt like I drink water while reading Inkheart. Now whenever I eat cheesecake flavoured yoghurt, I think of Maggie and her father, scary bald men, quirky old bookish ladies and handsome red head men with scars.

What sense have you connected to with books? Any quirky ones? I’d love to hear about them!


12 thoughts on “Connecting Senses with Books

  1. This has happened to me once, I think. I was reading the Study series by Maria V. Snyder, and I played this certain CD on repeat the entire time. Now, whenever I listen to that CD, I ALWAYS think of those books, haha 😀 Which I think is awesome, because I read them years ago, and I adored them. So being reminded of them is always something I like.

  2. Oh yes! This is SUCH an awesome post! I connect a lot of songs with posts. I was listening to the Catching Fire soundtrack while reading DEFY by Lara B Larson. I always think of it when I listen to the soundtrack now (pity, because I wasn’t such a fan of that book). I always think of Edmund from Narnia when I eat turkish delight. XD

    • I think we’ve discussed the turkish delight and Edmund one before (;
      Haha, but YES! That is exactly what I mean! It’s so interesting to see how people connect music with books. :3

  3. I can’t think of any times where this has actually happened to me (though I’m sure it has). I think the closest would have to be for Vampire Diaries – the tv show xD Demons by Imagine Dragons completely sums up Stefan and Elena’s relationship for me.

    • Haha, close enough Kayla, close enough!
      I tried really really hard to watch that series, but I found it immensely annoying. 😦

  4. I don’t think this has ever happened to me because I pretty much read a lot of books in the same conditions. I do, however, tend to remember books when doing something in real life whenever I’m placed in similar situations or something like that. Books with food also tend to make me really really hungry. I’m not sure if I’m still keeping in track here. Lol

    • Nah that’s still on track! Haha, I know that whenever I hear of something really yummy in a book, I tend to want to go in the kitchen right then to make it.
      Cravings are funny things.

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