Review: Angel Fire by L.A. Weatherly

Angle Fire (Angel #2) by L.A. Weatherly 

Genre: Fantasy, YA, Romance

Published: 1st October, 2011

Publisher: Usborne Publishing

 My Rating: 4 thumbs up!


Only half-angel Willow, 16, has the power to defeat the malevolent Church of Angels, out to destroy her. When her love Alex, 17, leads other trained Angel Killers, they treat her with mistrust and suspicion. Seb, also half-angel, has been searching for Willow all his life, and both finally feel less alone.

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My Thoughts

I was so not expecting this book! I thought the first book Angel, was a little mediocre, but Angel Fire was intense! There were still a couple of things I didn’t like, but overall, this is a must read for all Angel Fans!

The story goes on to follow Willow and Alex after their attempts to stop the Second Wave. They head to Mexico where they find a group of AK’s, and more importantly, another half-angel, Seb. With another chance at killing all the angels and a building romance between Seb and Willow, Willow and Alex’s relationship suffers greatly.

I just love Willow and Alex. They must be one of my favorite couples in YA. So you must realize my distress at Seb’s appearance with his unconditional love for Willow. I loved the intensity it created, though. From about halfway through the book, the intensity was so much that I could not put it down until it was finished.

By the end, I decided I liked Seb’s appearance. Willow needed a friend, a companion who understands her. I really liked how Willow and Alex are even more fleshed out in Angel Fire. Because their relationship is at such a breaking point, the character’s really get the chance to demonstrate the flaws and virtues. Alex’s anger, especially. Weatherly sure knows how to portray a realistic argument between couples!

I didn’t feel like Seb was as developed though. I think the author attempted to by letting us see his soul and whatnot, but he is still surrounded by a layer of fog to me. Maybe this will improve the third book.

I really liked all the new elements brought in this book – including Seb. There were so many surprises and hidden agenda’s to keep things interesting. I like how the Angel Invasion has stepped up from a somewhat minor thing to this crazy, insane whole world fiasco!

I didn’t like the flow of the plot though. The plot was mostly to kill these special 12 Angels, because they linked to the rest of the angles. However, I felt as if this took the backseat at times to make room for Willow’s love life and feelings. I just wish the plot was a little more present and pushing.

The multiple perspective in Angel Fire is done well. I was left wanting a different perspective at certain times, but each voice was distinct and clear. I never had to question who I was reading from.

The ending for Willow and Alex wasn’t as grand as I thought it be, but I still liked it, anyhow. It gave it a mellow feel, which was good after all that intensity. Overall, Angel fire had a few minor issues for me, but it was still an awesome, action packed story filled with emotion and depth. Four thumbs up from me!

4 thumbs up


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