Top Ten Tuesday!

Top ten tuesdaysThis is my first time participating in a Top Ten Tuseday by the Broke and the Bookish! I really liked this weeks topic. But, I cheated  little and kind of put the two options together. So, here my top ten places I would never live in and people I would never swap places with – mixed.


1. Allie Sekemoto from the Blood of Eden Series 

This poor, poor girl. Not only does she live in the worst apocalyptic situation, but Julie kagawa has really taken “make a character you love, and put them through Hell and back” literally. I cringe and want to cry every time I think of everything that has happened to her.

2. Samantha Kingston from Before I Fall

Yeeeah. Relive your last day and die fourteen times? Nuff said.

3. Ellie from You Against Me 

Tell the cops that your beloved brother raped a minor and ruin his promising life forever? Or forever live in guilt and shame. Whilst falling in love with the victim’s brother? To much stress and drama for me, thanks.

4. Delaney Maxwell from Fracture

Do I want to know when people are close to death? No. Not really.

5. Ella Varna from Ella Enchanted

Stuff that curse eh.


6. The dystopian world of Blood of Eden series 

Really Julie? Make the list twice. Being both human (or vamp) in this world would absolutely suck. Those rabid things remind me of the creatures in I Am Legend.

7. Panem from the Hunger Games

-Reapings, huger games, poverty, death, careers, complete controlled environment, stupid capitol people – must I say more?

8. The world featured in Poison by Chris Welding

Though magical, this is a sucky world. Strange dangerours homes in swamps with evil witches and realms where time goes faster and fairies like to steal children, while the fate of the world depends on the health of a storyteller. Nu uh.

9. The Host

Stuff being in a world full of hosting aliens.

10. The dystopian world of Delirium

A world without love? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO D’:


So that’s my top ten this week! Excited to read what everyone else has put down! 


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday!

  1. Awesome list. It’s sad but I haven’t read any of these books yet.I have seen the hunger games movies which is a great pick I wouldn’t want to live there either. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great week. My TTT

  2. I would not want to live in any of these dystopians! I do not think I would make it a day in many of these worlds. Samantha Kingston is a great answer! Reliving the same day over and over (plus dying), no thanks!

    • Haha, one of the biggest things I remember thinking while reading Before I Fall was how horrible it would be to relive your last day. You’d re-live it so many times with the stress of doing it right, that you would just want it to end – to die!
      Urgh. One death is enough. Really.

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