Simple Sunday (#6)

Simply SundaySimple Sunday is a meme hosted by Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity – this is where we can share and discuss our favourite quotes from books, songs, poems, anything!

This week, my simple thing is

“I shiver, thinking how easy it is to be totally wrong about people-to see one tiny part of them and confuse it for the whole, to see the cause and think it’s the effect or vice versa”
― Lauren Oliver, (Samantha) Before I Fall

I love this quote. I feel like Lauren has given us a more perceptive definition to “judging” and “haters”.

I honestly wonder how many times this happens a day. How many times had I seen that weird kid at school sitting alone in the playground, and think “You have no friends cause your weird”.

Why is it that we instantly assume these things? Why don’t we think, “He’s weird, because he has no friends”.

Why do I think he’s weird at all? Why have I even given him this label?

This quote actually makes me take a hard look at myself. I like to think that I’m fair and non-judgmental  – but  I know I do, almost subconsciously. It makes me think about all the times I have misjudged someone for their actions or circumstance, without actually realizing that it might not be their fault.

How many time I have seen a mother loose her cool at her children, and instantly think that’s how she always treats them?

How many times have I seen old, drunk men, and thought “Ew”. Why have I never just wondered, why?

I also love how this is shown in the book. It sums up the entire situation perfectly with the girl Samantha and her friends torment at school.

Lauren just has a way with words – I love them. Even when they make me see the ugly and truth in myself.

What do you think of my quote this week? Can you also relate to it? Let me know what you think! 


2 thoughts on “Simple Sunday (#6)

  1. quote. I think we see something and often our mind fills in the blanks for us. It’s easier than finding out first what someone is really like though often our first impressions are wrong. My friend was reading this book. I haven’t read any of Lauren’s books but I would like to.

    I hope you will stop by and link up to 3 ofyour posts on my Small Victories Sunday linky.

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