Sorry Guys, Technology Hates Me

So it looks like I’m going on an unexpected blogging break! Wanna know why?

1. My internet thingy decided that the charges I had were no longer suitable to provide it with energy. So no internet at home for Breezy for a while.

2. The power lead the charges my computer lead decided to break and leave me with a dead computer and no other suitable Toshiba power leads in the house. So, as well as no internet, I have no laptop.

3. My eReader (the 2nd this month) decided to freeze

again. I’ve just about had it with Kobo. I’m not sure if I can get another free replacement,  so I might have to get a cheapy – my old Sony was reliable until it mysteriously disappeared,  so I might look for another one of those.

Soo, without any internet my access to my blog will be limited.  Without my computer my ability to create decent posts is hindered, and without my eReader all those to-review books are going to have to wait.

Deepest apologies to those awaiting posts from me, to the books I needed to read and review this week to the cover reveal I might not get to. I’m hoping to have everything back up and working in a week, but there’s no garuntees.

Until then, what do you guys suggest I do on my unplanned break? I did just get a whole stack of books yesterday – all ones published a couple of years ago that I would like to review – should I get stuck into them even though I can’t write a review just yet?  Or should I kick back, relax, watch some Grimm, tackle those Game of Thrones brick sized books and do some needed re-reading?

Please comment! I would love to jump back on and see the love even when I can’t post.

See you guys soon! (Hopefully) :p


2 thoughts on “Sorry Guys, Technology Hates Me

  1. Just want to apologize for the awful setting out of that post. Im typing onumy phone and it just doesn’t want to create paragraphs right now. Im so tired of trying to fix it.

    Technology – 4
    Brea – 0

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