Just letting everyone know that my computer is back up and running! So even though I’ve been enjoying my free reading time, I have no excuses now not to come back with lots of reviews and post content. Especially since my internet is still not working. -___-

So, this week I’ve basically been reading Game of Thrones, a Song of Fire and Ice. I’ve been managing to get through just over 100 pages a day and I’m nearly done!

Also, I got my e-reader working again, too! Thanks the gods, because I am in no way able to afford another one right now.

On the plus side, I also received a huge package of books a store called “Basement Books” based in Sydney. The books are cheap ’cause they have black marks on them (no reason not to read a book, I say), and I got a couple of double ups, (which they told me I could keep). Should I do a giveaway or just share them out? Tell me in the comments! Life is so weird without blogging. I actually really miss the community I found out here. 😦

I only have a short while of internet right now, so after I get to some important stuff I’m going to try and get some posts I promised ready to go – whether I’ll be able to post them on the day is another thing.

Be back soon!


2 thoughts on “UPDATE!

  1. I can’t wait to see what you think of Game of Thrones! I have the first two books in the series, but I’m really intimidated by the size… So glad to see you back by the way!

    • Thanks Kayla!
      I probably won’t be writing a review for it. The book is so monstrous that I wouldn’t know where to start! Plus I’ve watched the first season, and I think that hinders the reading experience a bit because nothing is a surprise :p
      Ah! Can’t wait to get proper internet again!

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