Breezy’s Bookish Week! (#2)

Wrapping up my week round two! 

So this week a read a total of 1 book, which I only finished last night. How lame. I swear I’m usually better than this. 


But yeah, that lonesome book is called Fated by Sarah Alderson.


I’m still sorting my thoughts out for this one; while I liked it, there were definitely some things I didn’t agree with.  But otherwise, it was fantastic compared to the other book I tried to read – which had to be DNF’d ’cause it was just plain awful.

That sad little book is called Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan.



Save yourselves the pain and give this one a miss. Seriously. 

I also didn’t receive any books this week! But I have sent a couple of emails to publisher’s over the last few days. I think it’s about time I start making connections and get my hands on some early copies!

I also bought another haul from Booktopia. They are just so cheap at the moment. I couldn’t help myself. :/

On the bright side, I’ve stuck to my scheduled this week and posed everything I said I would!

Sunday: A Simply Sunday Game of Thrones quote!
Tuesday: Review of Outcast by Adrienne Kress, the best book I have read this year that had reduced to me a big squishy broken heap on the floor.
Thursday: I try out my first Musical Books post!
Friday: I review Reboot by Amy Tintera – I’m certainly liking these zombie books!

Coming up: 2 fresh reviews, maybe a discussion (but it’s holidays, guys, so no promising how much I’ll be able to write!) and some more quote sharing!

Awesome posts by other bloggers!

Lilly over at Lilly’s Book Blog discusses buying books she has already read! (I think we are all guilty of this one :S)

Kayla at The Thousand Lives creates a cool version of making book playlists! Check it out and suggest some songs!

Jeann shares her cool experience at PTAlive! (another book event I didn’t hear about). But hey! Cool to see the bookish love downunder!

Cait and Mime discuss vague book blurbs in their vlog! (This was seriously cool!)

Melanie at YA Midnight Reads discusses her overflowing book shelf! 

Anya at On Starships and Dragonwings finds her blogging/reading focus! (which I love and admire).

I’m sure there’s a lot more out there, but I didn’t do a whole lot of commenting this week (holidays = work = all of Breezy’s time). But enjoy! And have another great bookish week!




4 thoughts on “Breezy’s Bookish Week! (#2)

    • You’re welsome!
      I know! I was so excited to get it. I stroked and eyed it lovingly. I was so keen for a good sci-fi, too. But the writing was atrocious. Boring. And it has some totally stupid concepts that weren’t portrayed very well. I’ll write up a post for it soon.

  1. I sometimes find myself finishing just one book in a week too and I feel so unproductive when that happens. I like to request for some ARCs with publishers too but I don’t think it would be possible since shipping in my country either costs a lot or take a month before I get them. Whenever I buy books online, shipment time usually takes 3-4 weeks so I gave up requesting for ARC.

    • Yeah, exactly! I’ve already gotten through one book this week and I’m halfway through another one, so I feel heaps better.
      That’s the beauty of digital ARC’s! But we have a few local publisher’s in Aus, and shipping isn’t too expensive. But so far I haven’t gotten any replies. I’m really unsure of what I have to do to get these publisher’s attention!

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