Reboot by Amy Tintera

Reboot by Amy Tintera

Genre: dystopia, YA, 

Published: May 2013, Harper TEEN

I bought a personal e-copy of Reboot


‘5 years ago, I died. 178 minutes later, I woke up.’

In this post-apocalyptic thriller a deadly virus mutation sees teenagers raised from the dead and trained to be vicious soldiers until Wren, the deadliest Reboot, joins forces with Callum, the most innocent, to try to overthrow the organisation that has corrupted their world.






Reboot gives a new meaning to zombies. I absolutely loved how Amy Tinterra has turned something so stereotypical into her own, unique thing. I thought the plot was non-existent until about half way, and the male love interest could not have annoyed me more.  But otherwise, I really enjoyed this.


Reboot is not your normal post-apocalyptic story. I actually wasn’t even aware this was after all hell broke loose on earth until about a quarter of the way in. I think this is because of the way Tintera has written her story. She doesn’t focus on the before all that much. It’s all the here and now, how she has made the reality seem so real.

The story takes place after a disease breaks, causing it’s victims to “reboot” or come alive again, after death. These Reboots are more powerful, stronger and appear to be emotionless. Our main girl, Wren, was dead for 178 minutes before rebooting. This makes her one of the most powerful and, believably, brainless and emotionless of her kind. Her life is based around taking orders and being a machine for destruction and death – until her life changes when our number 22, or adorably cute love interest Callum, turns her upside down.

I absolutely love the way this story was written. All in Wren’s perspective, there was barely a moment without action. There was always something happening, something to worry about, something to realize, something to figure out, and something to plan. I was never bored by Reboot. Not once.

Tintera also wastes little time in telling us anything. One problem I had was that I had trouble understanding the world we are literally thrust in to. This led a lot of confusion in the beginning of the story, but I soon worked it out and everything was dandy.

Another thing I didn’t understand was the insistence the Wren is an absolute emotionless monster like being. Okay, so she enjoyed killing a little bit, but for some reason I understood that (yeah, weird).

That’s beside the point. Everywhere you look, it’s 178 is emotionless. Monster. Killing machine. Lacks empathy. Cruel. Brainless. Loveless. But you know what? I never got that vibe from her. Not once. Maybe that was the whole point – to show that she never was like that in the first place. But I would have liked more of a reason to think she was actually emotionless, therefore I could see more growth in her.

So, on the emotion side, I don’t think she develops much. Maybe she just realizes how to show it more, or something. But I can see a development and change in her. I think the problem for her is that she believes she is a killing, mindless thing – and in the end she realizes that she has a choice over her actions, that she doesn’t have to be this thing that she has been told she is ever since she rebooted.

We can thank Callum for this. Ah, he’s so cute. Sickeningly so, actually. I found him to be really annoying and weak at times, but I still liked him. He was a cool contrast between kickass Wren, who we see is actually really passionate, smart and brave.

Other things I could mention is that I felt the book lacked plot until halfway, but that was never a problem since I was always interested. I absolutely love Wren, and I think Callum is cool despite his annoyingness. I loved the complexities this disease creates on the world. How there is depth in character development, society, social/economic circumstances, the choice to be humane or monster-like. To follow orders or ask questions, what love is worth and what’s worth risking yourself for.

I just really enjoyed Reboot and I’m glad I took the chance to read it. I love how it ended, and I’m so excited for Rebel’s upcoming release!




4 thoughts on “Reboot by Amy Tintera

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  2. YES the problem I had with this book is that Wren is painted to be this badass, emotionless character but she turns totally soft when she meets Eli! I won’t be reading the sequel cos I found this so frustrating. Lovely review!

    • Ugh, I hated that! I wasn’t sure if I should mention it, ’cause I think that might’ve been what the author was going for..? But meh. I didn’t like it.
      Sad to hear you didn’t like the book as a whole, though!

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