Simply Sunday! What’s Beauty?

Simply Sunday

Simply Sunday is a meme held by Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity. This is where we can share our favourite quotes of the week!

This week, my simply thing is:

“So many things become beautiful when you really look.”

― Lauren OliverBefore I Fall from the lovely Samantha Kingston

Ah I love this quote! I like the idea of something being beautiful when you really look. Beuty can be found in anything, it’s all in how you perceive it. I personally think this is what writers are best at.

For example; I know the garden here outside my window looks pretty boring. Plane wooden fence, dry, dead grass. Tree’s still in pot plants. Hot sun. Paint peeling off the patio.

But if I really look, I can see a frangipani flower just coming into bloom. See the old stone, antique pot plant holding up the youngest tree we own. I can see the rustic looking stone path, leading up to the homey looking door with a stalk pictured on the stained glass window.

It’s all about perception: some people may see snow and think “Brr, Cold. Wet. Yuck” Other’s may think, “Beautiful, white and clean” or even “Fun, sledding, skiing, snow fights” OR “Warm fires, hot chocolate, cuddles”. It’s all perception, experience and attitude.

This doesn’t just go for scenery though, this same idea can go for people, places, events and items. I don’t believe anything cannot look beautiful.

Except for maybe cane toads :S. Disgusting things.

What do you think of my quote? Do you think beauty can be found in anything? Do you think authors are good at making anything beautiful? What about in Before I Fall? 


2 thoughts on “Simply Sunday! What’s Beauty?

  1. You always pick such great quotes, Brea! 😀
    And I love this weeks, and your garden sounds fab. Is there someplace to read there? Because I can totally imagine that.
    I think beauty can be found in many things, but it might not necessarily be the run-of-the-mill kind of beautiful. It might be something dark or twisted, which can both be beautiful in their own way.
    I think authors can definitely describe things in beautiful ways, but I don’t know if they can make the truly ugly beautiful. Like can toads. XD
    I haven’t read that book but I won it, and I really want to read it soon!

    • There used to be the adorable little court thing in our yard! It was surrounded by trees and had a path leading to the centre which had this cute sitting area. But for some unholy reason, mum decided to cut all the trees down and rip up the path and grass. Now there nothing there. ):
      Yes, exactly! There’s definitely such a thing as a dark, unconventional beauty.
      I bet someone could make cane toads appear beautiful. It would be totally twisted and out there, but it could happen! 😛

      Ahh I LOVED Before I Fall! It’s definitely a book I recommend to a lot of people. (:

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