If I Stay MOVIE Trailer!?

All blogging and bookish post ideas I had for today are off. You know why? I had no absolute bloody idea that If I Stay was being made into a movie. I LOVE If I Stay. You hear me? LOVE. I get tears every time I think about it.

And I am just. Ah. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I didn’t hear about it till now.


But first, a brief history of my relationship with If I Stay.

I was browsing one of those cheapy book stores where all the reject books are left, just looking for something I might be remotely interested in. Spotting a bright, $3 dollar tag, I pick up a book with a plain looking girl on the front with an extremely vague blurb. Skinny, with a little black mark on the spine. I decide to buy it, giving it the benefit of the doubt. I had no idea how amazing it was or the fandom or a clue about the hype.


That was nearly three years ago, before I joined Goodreads or discovered this world of books. Back when I was just a simple reader. Before I followed hypes or felt a pressure to read.

This book has stayed with me throughout. This cheapy reject with the simple cover earned it’s spot of adoration on my shelf. It’s no longer just plain, but worn in and loved with stained pages. And even though I’m now here and have been exposed to all sorts of books, it has not lost it’s special place.

A lot of you guys have probably already seen it, but I don’t care. Just ’cause I was late for the train doesn’t mean I can’t share!

I absolutely love who’s been casted for Mia! She is exactly how I imagined. Adam but? Hmm. Not at first. He needs to look cooler. But by the end of this trailer he made me a believer. He’s perfect.

Will they be making the movie to Where She Went, as well? Because that would be a dream come true. Really. 

What do you guys think of the trailer? Raise your hands if you cried! To those that have read the book, do you think the casting is right? 


5 thoughts on “If I Stay MOVIE Trailer!?

  1. I didn’t cry the first time I watched the trailer, but then I finally read the book (which didn’t make me cry), and then the second time I watched the trailer I SOBBED. Seriously, it was an ugly cry. So I think it actually might end up being one of those books where the movie makes me feel more than the book did.

    I actually love who they cast as Adam, and Moretz is the PERFECT Mia!

    Oh, and I’ve heard that the movie is based on both If I Stay and Where She Went? I’m not sure, since I haven’t read WSW yet.

    • Awh! Well at least it made you cry in some way, then. Even if it wasn’t the book.

      Adam just wasn’t cool enough for me! It wasn’t till the end of the trailer where he was making me cry with his acting that I decided he’s good enough for Adam.

      Huh, really? I have and I didn’t see any scenes from Where She Went in the trailer. Hmm. I’ll have to look into this.

  2. Although I only liked If I Stay, Where She Went is one of my favorite books! I had no idea this was being turned into a movie too and when I see the trailer…man, it got me all emotional. Chloe Moretz is absolutely perfect for Mia. I really wish they’re going to make Where She Went too, that book had me sobbing. I think it’s definitely time for a re-read! Aaww, I really have high expectations for this movie!

    • I love them both equally! Though I do agree that Where She Went has something a little extra. Quite a few people like it more that If I Stay!

      My expectations for this movie are through the roof, too. Thanks for commenting!

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