Love ‘n’ Fate, Breezy Hate

The title pretty much sums up my feelings. I really, viciously HATE love that is so meaningless and depthless,  it’s like our little friends Fate and Destiny came along and wove some magic wands to make it happen. Just ‘cause.


And I’m not just talking poor romance build up that leaves something to be desired. That would be plain old insta-love. I’m talking this awful stuff. I’m talking about books where Fate has literally shoved it’s big nose in everyone’s business with Cupid in tow, ordering where to shoot.

I have read so many books like this, it’s getting ridiculous. The worst have to be when the book literally brings fate into the mix, giving the characters no freedom to love who they want, because they have a soul mate and therefore no choice in the matter.

Just please. Stop.


The most recent book I’ve read that follows this theme would be “Fated” by Sarah Alderson. Yup. Title says it all.


The infamous Bella Swan and Edward Cullen from Twilight
Caitlin and Caleb from Turned
Marsha and Rigel in Starstruck
Eureka and Ander in Teardrop
Xavier Woods and Bethany from Halo
Mercy and Ryan in Mercy
Celeste Parker & Brandon Maddox in Once in a Full Moon

That list could be so much bigger, but why waste time on negatives? Here’s some books where Fate has been shown the door.

Tarver and Lilac in These Broken Stars
Rowan and Eli in Me Since You
Alex and Lena in Delirium
Maggie and Farid in Inkheart
Echo and Noah, Beth and Ryan, Isaiah and Rachel from the Pushing the Limits series

I love the beautiful effortless romances in Me Since You and Inkheart. I love the ones with strong build ups, like Tarver and Lilac and Alex and Lena. I love the intense battle of love in Katie McGarry’s books. I love love that is meant to be, because the characters choose it, consciously or not. It’s not destiny’s decision.

What’s your opinion on love and fate? Do you like it when destiny plays apart in getting two people together, or is it better when the character choose their own paths? What do you think of the romance’s I’ve mentioned?


5 thoughts on “Love ‘n’ Fate, Breezy Hate

  1. ITS SO FRUSTRATING when an author uses insta-love as a convenient mechanisms to “skip to the good part” because us readers get left behind on all of the romance development! I love romance development and a slow burn is a good thing. Lovely article Brea!

    • Yes! I like to actually SEE it happen. You know, to at least see a connection before they start falling all over each other with “I love you”‘s .
      Thanks for stopping by, Jeann!

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  3. There are a few instances where I don’t mind it, but I completely get where you’re coming from. It is beyond obnoxious most of the time. Will definitely check out your “good” list as soon as I can!

    • I very rarely like it, but I understand it can be appealing and work well in certain instance’s. Thanks for stopping by, Ashley!

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