Wicked Lovely Series Review – buh bye world of fae

Wicked Lovely Series Review

Note: All spoilers have been removed. Proceed safely. (:

wickedlovelyseries Wicked Lovely (#1): 4 Star rating:
The beginning of this series had me hooked. I loved the description and gothic feel I got from the book. I loved the comparison between human and fey. I loved the story and plot – the curse, the conflicted love. I loved discovering the winter and summer faeries, learning about their powers and the dark, sinister side of faeries. Have never read a book about faeries before, I found this so original and I will forever remember how it made me see faeries differently.

Ink Exchange (#2) 3 star 
My reaction: what is this? Where is Aislinn and Seth? Where is the summer and winter court? Why is this not following the story before? I think this is cool, I learnt about the dark court, but I wanted summer and winter!

Fragile Eternity (#3) 2-3 star
Finally! Back to the first plot, but somewhat disappointing. I love Seth, but nothing happened in this book? 300 pages of thinking and wanting and waiting. Plus, Keenan was infuriating. So was Donia.

Radiant Shadows (#4) 5 star
The best in the whole series! I loved these characters. I loved the ending. I loved that things were actually happening! Plus, I finally understand the point of this series; it doesn’t just focus on summer and winter, but on the WHOLE faerie world and the massive change it goes through, starting with Summer finding it’s queen.

Darkest Mercy (#5) 4 star
The beginning was a whole lot of waiting. But when decisions were actually made, set in stone and then it just played itself out. I loved it. I loved how it ended – It finally gave me the resolution I was looking for. I especially loved how it ended the same way it began. It was fitting, too. I liked how Keenan got a piece of his own medicine, but it was good that it worked in his favor, for a change. It was just too ironic.


The Wicked Lovely series will be a hit or miss for a lot of people. As you can see, even though I loved the first book, I didn’t like all of the books. And even though I didn’t like all of the books, I still like the series as a whole story.It’s actually very well thought out, but you wouldn’t know that just after one or two books. For me, it took till book 4 to see the complexity of the plot.

Some little things I noticed is that throughout the series, the style of writing changed slightly. It focused less on description and creating the gothic mood which I oh so loved in the first book, and began to focus more on faerie politics, thought processes and decision making, which really disappointed me. I mean, I like understanding why people do things and understanding everything, but I missed the mood! I missed the awesome descriptions and world building!

Other than this, I did like how the series ended. When I look at the series as a whole, I can understand it better and I think it was done very cleverly (even if I couldn’t see it at first). I thank Melissa Marr for introducing me to faeries and I can say I will definitely read more of her work in the future!

Adios, Aislinn and Fae! 



3 thoughts on “Wicked Lovely Series Review – buh bye world of fae

  1. I’ve got some of the books on my shelf but I haven’t delved into it yet, I really enjoyed Melissa Marr’s writing in Carnival of Souls though. Seems like the series is up and down but enjoyable overall. Thanks for sharing, Brea!

    • Ooh, I have Carnival of Souls on my shelf now. I’ll be reading it soon!
      She has a really interesting way of writing. I really hope you like it, Jeann!

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