Breezy’s Bookish Week (6)

Hey there, guys! 

As always, I’ll start off by saying how hectic my week was. I’m currently going through a sever organisational slump and I’m behind on everything. I had a shock the other day, considering my Asia trip is only three months away and I still have so much to do (and save). Work have had me in and out all week, and I’ve been so so so tired. After a 5:30 AM start, I would come home and sleep, only to get up later to ward at 6:30 PM. 

So because I’m a tired scatter brain, blogging suffered a little. I only posted two reviews this week and I didn’t get around to enough blogs to comment. I also didn’t read as much as I would have liked and definitely had a mediocre week in books. 

What I Read:


Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
Read it as soon as I bought it – it was good, but not amazing, sadly. 😦


Crash by Nicole Williams 
This wasn’t really for me. :/

On the blog this week! 

Tuesday: Why I didn’t give The Faults in Our Stars a 5

Friday: I review Dearly, Departed by Lia Hable (includes sexy zombies)

Awesome posts from other bloggers!

Atsi @ Oh, The Book! discusses what she would do if she were a fictional character

Kristy @ Book Nerd Reviews shares some gorgeous bookshelf’s! 

Fiktshun discusses the book industry’s lag in diverse books and why

Sarah @ A Bit Behind on Books discusses education making you too harsh a reviewer

Jeann @ Happy Indulgence shares her DIVERSE recommendations.

Mel @ YA Midnight Reads discusses the use of the S word in books 

Kelly @ Pretty Little Reader asks why she is wasting her time on facebook?

Piracy Is Not the Answer – Josephine @ Dudette Reads  

I wish I could have gotten around a bit more. But I’m happy with what I did find. You guys are awesome!

Oh well, keep inhaling those books! ❤




4 thoughts on “Breezy’s Bookish Week (6)

  1. Definitely inhaling books at the moment hehe! Oooh where are you travelling to in Asia Brea? I love Asia and the culture. Bloodlines didn’t blow me away until the 3rd book in the series, but then it gets REALLY good! Richelle Mead really does know how to do a slow burning romance. Until then, take it easy lovely.

    • First to Borneo for two months, then Cambodia. And same! I took a Japanese language class for nearly four years until I moved schools, and I truly love the culture. But of course you would! Haha.
      My guess – Adrian and Sydney? Maybe? So good to hear it gets better! I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t amazing. I’ll definitely continue the series, though!
      Thanks Jeann!

  2. Sad to see you didn’t overly enjoy either of your reads this week. I think Bloodlines is one of those which suffers from the first novel really paving the way for the series. I enjoy each book in the series a little more than the last but I understand if the series as a whole isn’t for you. Hope you manage to get some good sleep this week!

    • I’ve heard that about the Bloodline series, which Is why I am going to keep reading it. I still liked the book, it just wasn’t amazing.
      Thanks, Kate!

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