If I Were a Fictional Character #3 – I would be Hazel Grace’s Dad!



If I Were a Fictional Character is my way of sharing a little of myself while keeping it book related. I pick a character and compare myself to them. It can be anything – from looks, personality to favourite foods or habits. 

If I were a fictional character, I would be Mr. Lancaster – AKA Hazel Grace’s Dad from TFiOS

I don’t think this guy has a name. So we will just go with Mr. Lancaster or Hazel’s Dad.

I find that in a lot of books, characters don’t tend to cry much. I’m not sure why this is. It could be because the author wants crying to mean some breaking point, or the character is too tough to cry, or the characters are male, or in extreme cases, crying means the end of the world (I’m talking to you, Teardrop). But really, is that real life? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I cry all the time. That’s why I can relate to Mr. Lancaster, AKA the man who cries a lot.

I totally get the crying thing. I can cry over just about anything, even though I consider myself to be in control of my emotions, my tears have a mind of their own and I have no control whatsoever. I’ve even perfected the art of fake crying (thank you, year 12 Drama for harvesting my tears potential). But really, tears can come over the tiniest, little things. I cry at least everyday. Happy, sad, devastated, broken – I get them all.

What do I cry about?

  1. Music. I can be often be found crying in the car listening to the radio. Some songs just get me.
  2. Books. (duh). I’ve heard a lot of people say that it takes a lot for them to cry whilst reading. But for me, I cry at least once in every book I read – If I don’t cry at least once in a book, it’s a three or worse. Seriously. It must not have been that good if it can’t get even the weakest of tears out at some point.
  3. Dreams. I’ve woken up crying multiple times and then conveniently forgotten why.

    why am I crying

  4. Day dreams – I sometimes conjure up the most heart breaking things possible and then picture what it would do to me in real life. I can end up a sobbing mess from one of my day dreams.
  5. Movies – uh, who doesn’t cry when the dog dies? If you don’t, well…


  6. The News. Even when the stories are told in the most plain, straight forward of ways.
  7. Weddings. I DO NOT wear make up to weddings any more. A complete waste of my time.
  8. Laughter – I often laugh so had, that I cry
  9. Animal deaths. I once watched a rainbow lorikeet get hit by a car. I picked it up, buried it, and cried. Also, last night I ran over a dead kangaroo. I cried. No idea why, it wasn’t like I killed either of them. I just get emotional over animal deaths.
  10. Airports. For me, airports = leaving people. I hate leaving people.
  11. Motivational quotes that hit close to home. Oh gee.
  12. Getting lost in unfamiliar places. I cry like a little kid getting lost in a supermarket.

I think I’ve established that I cry a lot. Even over pointless things. So it does kind of annoy me that you hardly ever see a fictional character that’s so open about crying. So even though everyone else in TFiOS seems to be a tough cookie and hide the tears, it’s obvious the Dad wears his emotions on his sleeve. Mr. Lancaster cries every time Hazel leaves the house, falls asleep, does or says something profound – and I entirely get that. If I were anyone in TFiOS, I would be him. The tears would not stop if Hazel were my daughter, no matter how much she would hate it.


Your turn! Does anyone else get as emotional as I do, or am I alone on this? Who else cries whilst reading? Is it hard or easy for you? Do you think you would be Hazel’s Dad or Mum? Are you tough or do you show your emotions easily? 


5 thoughts on “If I Were a Fictional Character #3 – I would be Hazel Grace’s Dad!

  1. Okay first things: I LAUGHED SO HARD at the dig at Teardrop. Here, here. (My gosh that book was grrr worthy. *ahem*) and then secondly: LOTS OF LOVE TO HAZEL’S DAD. He was awesome. Actually both Hazel and Gus’ parents were super awesome. We need more of them in books. 😉 I’m not really a cryer. I mean, I do cry…but usually I’m a Vulcan and just say, “Hey I have no emotions about this so I’ll just stare and glare at you instead.” It’s awesome. HA. Not. -_- My mum cries in every movie though…BUT, I have been known to sniffle while watching certain TV shows that start with Supernatural and end with everyone dying, and also while reading TFIOS. And honest-to-goodness dare Bridge to Terebithia. I BAWLED. What was the author thinking…

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