DNF Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan – sci-fi gone bad


Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Genre: Sci-fi, Romance

Published:October 2011, by  Macmillan Children’s Books 

Format: Paperback

Source: Bought 


I hate not finishing books. Luckily, this is only the second this year. But seriously. I wish I could finish this then say lots of great things about it and everything would be dandy with rainbows, unicorns and an unlimited supply of bookmarks.

But no. Books as bad as this somehow manage to make it mainstream and have a semi decent GR rating. So I pick it up, expecting something good, or at least readable, only to be deflated and have my breeze sucked out of me.

I don’t rate books I haven’t finished – just a personal rule. But I do write a mini review of why I couldn’t finish said book.

So, why was Glow so bad that I could barely read over 100 pages of it?

  1. The writing. I can’t remember the last time I read such a plain, boring style of writing. The descriptions were as basic as possible. The actions, scenes, explanations – everything was just so utterly boring to read.
  2. Has some of the most stupidest concepts I have ever come across in a sci-fi book – and that is seriously saying something.
    Get this – religion is a major, MAJOR theme in this book.Not that I have a problem with religion, just that it pretty much takes over the plot whilst attempting to be sci-fi. It just does not work and is way to over bearing
  3. The love triangle was obvious first chapter. The stinking first chapter.
  4. Humans = robots with bi-polar. One second their smiling, next their choking eachother, then hugging, then crying, admitting undying love. in a punch up – Just like that. No build up. Nothing.It was almost robotic. They just do it. And not only that, you can tell that female lead was meant to be kickass, but she was so so weak. Disappointing.

So, at just over a 100 pages in, I stopped and skipped to the end. Let’s say that I’m glad I didn’t bother.

On the other hand, sorry to dump all the negativity on you. I hate writing up things like this, but I feel as though I need to keep my blog as balanced and as honest as possible. Can’t have all the good and none of the bad.



4 thoughts on “DNF Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan – sci-fi gone bad

  1. Oh…oh well this is very very confusing. Bipolar robots?!! Like…that’s weird with the hug one minute and kill the next. Unless that’s the POINT of the book?! Ha! I totally don’t blame you for ditching it! The cover is quite beautiful, though. Such a bit the actual story didn’t match up. :(( I also get pretty turned off with religion aspects too. Particularly if it doesn’t sell itself as a religious book and just throws it at you.

    • Yeah. Haha. I can see how that’s confusing when you point it out. The “robot” part is because there is no lead up to these actions. It’s like the character’s aren’t acting on emotion, just sort of controlled. Like their emotions are controlled and not natural. I’m not doing a very good job at explaining, am I?
      The cover’s so prwetty. 😦
      And yeah, I was trying to find a nice way to say it, but it’s totally thrown at you.

    • Yeah, I bought it for like, $2 at Basement Books? I think the first chapter held my attention, but then it just slowly went downhill. Try it! I’d like to see what you think! It wasn’t too preachy, but it was becoming overbearing.

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