Breezy’s Bookish Week (7) Mega book haul!

Hi guys! 

Busy week! I got SO MANY books! Plus, I joined the library.

I’ve been feeling a little down in blogging this week, but I’m trying to slap myself out of it. Even though my views were better than ever, I’ve recently realised I don’t get all that many comments. This hasn’t really bothered me, but it is now for some reason. It creates doubts. Makes me rethink my content and constantly second guess it. But this is perking me up, because I realise I’ve had an AWESOME bookish week. 

The most exciting news? I finally received review books from publishers! 😀 😀

Thanks to Allen & Unwin and Bloomsbury, I have two pretty review books: Rebel by Amy Tintera and Take Back the Skies by Lucy Saxon


I was so excited I started reading them right away! I’ve finished Rebel and I’m now on to Take Back the Skies.

More news: I received REV GIRL by self-published author Leigh Hutton to review this week



Look at this bad boy. Obsessed with that cover! 

Plus two Netgalley’s:

Cinderella’s Dress by Shonna Slayton


and Between the Lives by Jessica Shirvington.


ON TOP of this I have a library haul, a haul from the book exchange, plus three books I ordered from TBD.



The books above are from the local book exchange. I’ve already read Where She Went, but I didn’t own it. Now I do! 😀 Graceling was only $1.50 and Daughter of Smoke and Bone was about $8. In all, I’m very happy with what I got.


From TBD – I got Panic! I can’t wait to read this book. I just ADORE Lauren Oliver! I also got Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo and Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas/

I also got four books from the library, but I don’t know If I’m going to get to them before I have to return them. I didn’t realise how many books I would be getting this week!

I’ve also had a decent reading week, finishing off three books and getting halfway through a fourth.

What I’ve read:

fangirlFangirl by Rainbow Rowell
Another book I didn’t love as much as everyone else


In Starlight by February Grace
I received this book free for review. 


Rebel by Amy Tintera
A very satisfying end for Wren and Callum

Posted this week:

Monday: Scent of Magic by Maria V. Snyder review!

Thursday: If I Were a Fictional Character, I would be Hazel Grace’s Dad!

Saturday: Sci-fi goes wrong. DNF review of Glow By Amy Ryan Kathleen.


Awesome posts from other bloggers!

Review of The Year of the Rat by Kate @ Fictional Thoughts – I really need to get my hands on this book!

Charlotte @ Gypsy Reviews posts her thoughts on Life by Committee by Corey Ann Haydu – and this one

Kelly @ the Pretty Little Reader discusses unfollowing blogs. 

Who Cait @ The Notebook Sister’s would like to have on her Hunger Game team!

Laura @ Laura Plus Books lists five reasons for NOT reading 

Jenn @ Tygna’s Reviews talks about balancing life, work and blogging

YA Midnight Reads discuses girl hates girl in books

Jamie @ The Perpetual Page Turner talks about the pressure when borrowing books! 

Asti @ Oh, The Books! talks about the non-existent “right” rating or “perfect” book.

I had trouble finding stuff I was interested in this week, which is why it’s a little smaller than usual. There won’t be a wrap-up next week – or much action on the blog, at all, because I’ll be in Sydney! I’m doing a training course for my GAPbreak Asia trip, and will be gone from Friday to the following Monday.

I’ve had a couple of questions about my up-coming volunteer trip. So for those interested, I’ll post a page up soon with more info. (:

In the meantime, keep breathing and reading! ❤



8 thoughts on “Breezy’s Bookish Week (7) Mega book haul!

    • I’m trying! I’m just having a few self-confidence issues at the moment, but I’ll be okay. And thanks, Jeann! That looks great!

  1. YAY FOR REBEL. I’m totally reading it next. I should probably read Take Back the Skies first, because you know, I’ve had it for longer…buuuut WREN AND CALLUM. I’m dying to know what goes down. Although I’m half sad because that means it’s the end. So so sad. But eeeee! Congrats on the awesome books and the awesome book deals! Graceling for $1.50?!! WOOT.

    • WREN AND CULLUM! Yes. It’s releasing first, so you have an excuse to read it first (that was mine, anyway). Take Back the Skies is okay, but not great for me at the moment, but I haven’t finished it, yet.
      Thanks, Cait!

  2. Aw don’t be down about comments Brea! I think it comes and goes in phases. I think it usually gets better in the summer once school is done and tests are completed (which is the huge thing right now), so hopefully it’ll get better for you!

    But in the mean time, yay books from real publishers! You should feel super happy about that – I’ve never actually received books from publishers! (But then again, I don’t actually try to >.>) I’m interested to see what you think of Take Back the Skies. I have a copy myself but haven’t felt the motivation to start reading it yet. And yay for other great books like Throne of Glass and Shadow and Bone! I loved both, so I hope you do as well 🙂

    Oh, thanks for linking up to my discussion post this week (and commenting on it) ❤ Always nice to get some discussion love. And I hope you have a lovely time in Sydney!

    • I guess you’re right. I’m not letting it get to me too much.

      Haha! Yeah I was super excited when I got them. And you’re stepping away from the crowd there, Asti! I don’t think I’ve heard of a blogger that doesn’t try to receive free published books.
      Early opinion: it’s not that great.
      I’m excited to read them!

      You’re welcome! And thank you for doing the same! ❤

  3. Oh my gosh, books from publishers is awesome! I’ve been wondering how to get those, I think you need quite a big audience for your blog to get them, would you mind if I asked how you received review copies? Sorry for the trouble! And I hope you enjoy all your new reads 🙂

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