Reboots kick ass in Rebel by Amy Tintera

rebelRebel by Amy Tintera

Genre: Dystopia, YA

Published: 1st June, 2014

Format: Paperback

Source: I was provided a copy of Rebel from Allen and Unwin.

Wren and Callum finally reach the Reboot Reservation, a safe haven from HARC, which controls the cities. But it isn’t the paradise they’d hoped for. As they learn more about Micah, the bloodthirsty Reboot who runs it, they discover that he’s been creating an army with one goal in mind: to kill the humans in the cities … ALL of them. Wren’s first instinct is to head out for new territory, but Callum can’t stand by and let his human family and everyone else be hunted down. With HARC on one side and Micah on the other, saving the innocent and forging a lasting peace between humans and Reboots is a nearly impossible task. But Wren and Callum have never let that stop them before. 



The sequel to Reboot was all I could have wanted in an ending! It was action-packed, hot and steamy and filled with characters and development. Rebel was very satisfying, though it sometimes fell flat, and I had a few problems with perspective changes, character recognition and connection.

Always start off with the good, yes? Amy Tintera sure knows how to write a killer action scene! There was so much of it in this book, it fed my craving for blood and warfare. I can certainly count on detail from Tintera.

Another MAJOR thumbs up from me is the character growth in Rebel – especially when it comes to Callum. I admit, I wasn’t Callums biggest fan In Reboot. I thought he was nothing more than the cute love interest – the catalyst to Wren’s change. But in Rebel, we see in Callum’s perspective. Not only do I understand him better, but this helped to illustrate his development as a character. He went from being whiny and annoying to helpful and using initiative to take charge of his situation. I now like him and believe he is someone worthy of Wren.

And of course, Wren continued on her path for change. She is practically an entire different person by the end of this book. I won’t give anything away, but it is truly excellent and probably my favourite thing about Rebel.

I was very absorbed by Rebel. The writing, characters and world is very easy to slip into. Sadly it was also easy to slip out of, as well. Though it was absorbing, I wasn’t captivated. This book didn’t have my undivided attention. Even though it was action packed, something just fell a little flat for me.

It may be because I wasn’t connected to the characters, nor the plot. I liked them, enjoyed their growth and reading their story, but I wasn’t distressed when something bad happened, nor overwhelmed when something good happened. It just didn’t evoke much emotion from me.

Sometimes, I had trouble with the dual perspective. Even though it states who’s perspective we’re in, and it’s consistent with swapping from person to person – they sometimes sounded familiar and I had to go back to the beginning of the chapter to re-check who I’m reading from.

Another problem I had was recognizing all the characters. There were so many of them, and all I had were names to connect with. I’m more of a visual girl, so it takes more description of traits, or even looks for me to make a connection with who they are. Sometimes a name would come up and I would be like; who the heck is that? What have they done? Do they have a trait, or looks or something I can actually visualize?

Other than that, I was very satisfied by the ending. Wren’s change, combined with what she wished for all along, nearly made me cry. It was close, but I managed to hold myself back. Despite my minor problems with character recognition and perspective confusion, I really enjoyed Rebel and thought it was a great conclusion to the first book. Connection issues aside; the development was great and I would highly recommend this series.




8 thoughts on “Reboots kick ass in Rebel by Amy Tintera

  1. Glad to hear of another satisfying ending. I can’t wait to read Rebel! Looking forward to all the “killer actions scenes”. Great review!

  2. Ohh, I loved it too! I found it a little too well wrapped up though, everything just fell into place and would have loved to see the characters battle a little more with themselves and what they were going through. Trying to be vague so I don’t give anything away. I thought there was a third book coming until I reached the end. Thank goodness it didn’t have the dreaded middle book, it made for a much more action packed read. Great review 🙂

    • Yeah, I agree. It was just a little too good to be true? I felt that, especially towards the end. I would have liked a little more in terms of sacrifice or tension. But otherwise is was a very good book! Thanks!

  3. I’m basically the same as you. ;)) Except I thought the plot was a little half-backed. BUT WREN AND CALLUM. OMG. THEY’RE THE BEST. I wasn’t SO keen being in Callum’s head, but I loved his relationship with Wren and how they didn’t have to go through the whole oh-it’s-a-sequel-so-we-must-break-up issue. I was kind of scared either Wren/Callum would die though. >_< Dual perspectives have me nervous. But it's DEFINITELY amazing and I'm so happy it ended like it did. (Except I would've liked to read another book…)

    • Hahaha!
      WREN AND CULLUM WREN AND CALLUM!::D I’m so happy to be able to ship them now!
      I was, too. :s Thankfully the author is somewhat kind and just gave us a heck of a scare!

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