HELP! Thoughts on a bookish fundraiser for South East Asia!

Hey there guys! 

Alrighty, so I’m sure most of you are aware of my upcoming volunteer trip to Asia this year. I pretty much never stop talking about it. 

Last weekend, I had a training camp for it, and I got really inspired to do some fundraising. Not for myself to go over there (even though that’s super expensive – but it’s okay! I have two jobs!) but for me to make a real difference while I’m there. I realised that even though I’m volunteering, this experience is going to have a bigger impact on me than it will the communities I’m visiting. 

Which will be cute little rat bags like this. :3

borneoand this!



2 Orangutans


All photo’s from Antips Abroad.

So, I want to give back! But to do so, I need funds. Which I don’t really have because, you know, it’s kinda expensive to go there and I’m not made of cash.

So I was wondering what the bookish community would do, if I proposed a fundraising idea? 

For example: I was thinking of having a read-a-thon, where people can sponsor me for the amount of books I read: ie, donate a dollar to the cause for every book I manage to finish in a week. 

Okay, so I can see all sorts of holes and kinks in that. How do people know I’m being honest with the amount of books I’m reading? Do you trust that I’m going to use the money for a good cause, and not on myself and personal travel plans?

I mean, I would be sus. Especially an online thing.

BUT. If I set up an account, a separate travel account to donate money into, then that would help with keeping funds in track. Also, I will keep a list of everyone who sponsored/donated and their emails, so I can keep them updated on what their money is actually going towards.

Worried about the authenticity of my trip? I’m travelling with a reputable company called Antipodeans, and you are all welcome to visit their site, see my specific trip, ask questions and I can probably get a letter from them, which I can post to confirm my intentions.

What about honestly completing the read-a-thon? Well, the only thing I can think of it continuously updating my GR and social media feeds with photo’s and progress.

I would honestly love to hear everyone’s thoughts. If everything were safe and believable, would you donate/sponsor? Honestly, if it were only a week long read-a-thon, my aim would be 5-7 books. Though if lots of people donated just a $1 per book read, than that would make a massive difference in a 3rd world country.

So, do I have the support of the bookish community if I went ahead with this? Would people be willing to sponsor/spread the word and get this out there? Would people like to join in on the read-a-thon? Any suggestions to improve this rough idea is welcome! 



One brilliant blogger suggested that other people can join in on the read-a-thon, so more funds can be raised! I’m all for the idea, but wondering if people would be willing to read for money they won’t have control of/going elsewhere? Maybe I could just make it a fun thing, where people could join in on the read-a-thon?

ALSO: I had this great idea, where I make sure all the funds I earn from this would be used to encourage reading in 3rd world countries? A lot of them can’t read, but I will be teaching some English in schoosl while I’m there. I could totally donate books, lined pages, pens, pencils, school equipment, ect. Just to keep it more book related. (:


8 thoughts on “HELP! Thoughts on a bookish fundraiser for South East Asia!

    • That’s great, Neysa! Thanks for your support. I’ll be going to Cambodia and Malay Borneo, where I’ll be teaching and building. This depends on what the children need, but I would love to get them books!

  1. It’s a great thing you’re planning to do. I used to work for an airline and when the crew would run the flights to Bali or Thailand they used to take up collections for pens, pencils and stationary books because they had a connection to pass them along to schools in the area.

    I work for a library now, and we get requests from people going overseas for charity work to take old books or donations – you could contact your local library, or even a thrift shop because we often get books that we don’t want to add to the collection, or books that are getting a bit scrappy and being deleted, and you might be able to take a small amount across with you in your luggage?

    • That’s a terrific idea, Lauren!
      I was definitely considering bringing books over with me, but I’m unsure what there engish abilities are. I feel like it might be a bit inappropriate to bring english books over of they have trouble speaking english, let alone reading english. ;/
      Though I could definitely look into it! Thank you!

  2. That’s amazing that you get this opportunity to go. And since you are already going I think it would be great if you can do as much as possible while there. So raising some funds to do so only makes sense. I think you should set up an account on paypal so anyone who wants to just donate can do so. In the past I’ve done giveaways for fundraisers too. Since it would be too hard for you to BRING stuff with you (very much anyway) than you really do need the money instead of items so I’ve done things where I did a big box of books, maybe some signed ones or special ones that people particularly want. Those have gone well for me. For me personally though, I’m happy to just donate a little money for nothing. I don’t have much money, but I know that every dollar counts. So if you get something set up just shoot me an email or something. Good luck!

    • I was considering the Paypal account idea. I get so confused with using paypal, though. 😛
      It is a bit hard to bring stuff. But woah! The giveaway idea sounds awesome! How would you go about that? Would people have to donate money to enter the giveaway, sort of like a raffle ticket? Also, how would you get a hold of the prize? Just contact publisher’s with you intentions and see if they would donate?

      A big thank you, Candace! You idea’s and enthusiasm is very appreciated. 😀

  3. I think this is a wonderful idea. Currently my country is having problems with floods so I am mostly involved and donating my money to that cause but I think that you would get great response from bookish community. Good luck!

    • Thanks Dragana! I’m really hoping I get enough support because I would love to do this! 😀 And I totally understand. I’ve seen flood damage first hand and it’s pretty devastating. Hope you’re well and stay safe!

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