In Starlight by February Grace – Fairy Godparents, ROUND 2!



In Starlight by February Grace 

Genre: Fantasy 

Published: April 2014 by Booktrope

Format: e-copy

Source: I was given a free copy of In Starlight to review. 

Their wish was sealed…was their fate? 

Young Fairy Godfather Gus Duncan is living his clan’s unfortunate family motto— Learn to Suffer — to a greater degree than he ever dreamed. The woman he loves is withering away beneath the burden of memory, of one perfect night with him she was supposed to forget. 

Facing a reality he never imagined, he must make the decision of his life: shatter the most sacred rule in the fairy code, or lose his beloved Till forever. 

Can true love save her when even magic fails?

Thank you to the author and publishing team for providing a copy of In Starlight to review!

When I was contacted to review In Starlight, I was beyond excited! Of Stardust is one of my favourite reads this year, and I could not wait to get my hot little hands on the sequel. Though I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first, it was still another enjoyable, sweet, fast read from February Grace!

In Starlight is the sequel to Of Stardust. A story of fairy godparents, love, magic and sacrifice, In Starlight changes the course of fairies forever. I really enjoyed this book, but I felt as though some things were amiss.

One of my favourite things about these books is the themes it brings forward. In Of Stardust, sacrifice was a major theme. In Starlight slightly contradicts Of Stardust by giving love a strong role to play. Though I loved this – I love the fact the love and bonding is important in fairy godparents life, I think it could have been delved into a lot more. So far, it was mostly focused on Gus and Till and what love could do for them, but I feel as though their charges were forgotten, especially towards the end.

I think the overall meaning/message could have been portrayed a little better by including the people Till and Gus look after. By demonstrating what the power of love can do not just for them, but for others, would have put the cherry on top and really brought the two books together in a lovely conclusion. I was still satisfied by the end, but I feel like there was some loose ties and not enough connection to the first book and its powerful message.

I liked the change of perspective in this book. It was refreshing to get the insider look into Gus (though I would have liked a little something from Till’s perspective, just to gauge how she was feeling). The one problem I had with Gus was the he was way to obsessed with Till. At least in Till’s perspective, we had the gradual break from drooling over his-Celtic-hotness Gus because she was preoccupied with life. With Gus, we barely go a page without fantasizing or worrying or just plain thinking about Till. It was just a little too much repeated heart brokenness for me.

The plot was fairly short and to the point, but I like that about these books. They are fast and packed with emotion! I have to add though, that there were some very “convenient” moments that were hard to justify and made the plot a little lack luster. The climax and ending were also very fast, repetitive and somewhat jumpy – like it was rushed.

In all, I had some issues with In Starlight. As with some plot issues and clouded over with obsession, the book didn’t hold the same magic and meaning for me. I still enjoyed it, though. I felt my heart un-break and was satisfied with Till and Gus’s end. It was a quick, enjoyable and easy read for me.



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