3 Month Hiatus!

Hey there, lovelies! 

My time to take a hiatus has come! A long one, too. I will be spending the next three months in Borneo/Cambodia. I’ve been planning this trip for some time. It’s the very reason I decided to take a break before University!

If you would like to lean more about my trip, visit the organisation I’m travelling with Antipodeans.

So there won’t be much time for blogging. Nor reading, either. I’m aiming to use all my energy to take the absolute most from this experiencing that I possibly can, which means very little internet access. What internet time I do get, will be spent on family and friends.

It doesn’t mean I won’t exists, though! To keep the blog alive, I’ve got reviews and a few discussion posts ready to go. I also have a spotlight for Holly Schindler’s Feral – an exciting book that I won’t be present for the release (which makes me sad). Luckily books last a life time. It will be here when I get back!

I’ve marked this post as sticky, so make sure to scroll down to see my newest post!

So selamat tinggal or lia suhn hao-y! (Like my Malay and Khmer?) 😛



Affenforscher beobachten Orang-Utan-Baby "Kila"
monkeyysAnd here is some baby monkey pics, 'just cause they make me happy. 😀



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