Infinite Sky; a romance among the corn crop



Infinite Sky by C.J. Flood


Published February 2013 by Simon & Schuster

When Iris’ mum leaves home, her brother, Sam, goes off the rails and her dad is left trying to hold it all together. So when a family of travellers sets up camp illegally in front of their farm, its the catalyst for a stand-off that can only end in disaster. But to Iris it’s an adventure. She secretly strikes up a friendship with the gypsy boy, Trick, and discovers home can be something as simple as a carved out circle in a field of corn…

Cute. Cute. Cute. Super cute. SAD. These were my emotions whilst reading Infinite Sky.

A first romance set amidst cornfields and bright skies in Britain (bright skies-Britain, is that right?) this first hit me with good feelings cause it was so damn cute. And then something bad happens. AND THEN IT ENDS.


So this book essentially follows the series of events that lead to a tragedy. It tells the story in a very straight forward manner. You are expecting something bad to happen because of this line in the synopsis.

Is it possible to keep loving somebody when they kill someone you love?

Once I started the book I picked out two possible contenders for the grave which I was unable to guess until it actually happened. Claps for that, Flood!

However I think this book ends quite abruptly with not a lot of closure. I personally prefer deep exploration of themes in books and this is very much straight story telling.

I think the characters were quite simple, the only exception being Iris, the female MC. I think the author used a very young and naive voice for her brother who was an older teenager. I don’t understand the gypsies, they remain mysteries to me throughout the book and they do weird things I don’t get.

In saying this I can see how this book would appeal to people, especially to those where the events in this book could relate to their own personal experiences. I would recommend this to people who like straight forward contemporary’s, cute first love and feel like being sad. And don’t mind open endings.

I give it a 3 stars.


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