Review Requests

I am currently accepting review requests. I accept both Indie and published authors. See What I Review for the type of books I read (mostly YA).

I will say now that I am picky and will only review what I am genuinely interested in. 

In a review I usually include a summary of the novel, or a link to it, the author, publishing company (if not self published) and then my critique and opinion. This can include what I liked, what I didn’t like, what worked, what didn’t, what I understood, what could have been more clear, character and plot analysis and final statement, including a rating.

All full reviews are written and mentioned briefly on Book Tube. If the book is special, I may include a full review on booktube.

Other items, such as purchase links, can be included upon request. My reviews are posted on this blog and goodreads, and promoted on Twitter (see profiles on sidebar “connect with me”). I will not post the review elsewhere.

All requests can be made by emailing me at Please let me know what it is you would like me to read (short synopsis – you must convince me!) what format it is in (epub or paperback please) and I will let you know shortly if I’ll review it and by when.



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